Clergy Who Have Served the Church of St. John the Baptist at Pollington

Please note that, especially for the historic entries, it is difficult to detail with accuracy the times in office for each individual.
The dates specified are those where there is evidence that the clergy were in office, but are not guaranteed to be comprehensive.

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George Pearson

The first vicar of Pollington from Beverley. He married Isabella Caroline Rokeby. By 1861, Rev. Pearson had moved on to become vicar of York Minster.

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1861 - 1864

William Wheeler

Rev. Wheeler was installed as Curate of Pollington and Balne, and lived in Balne.

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April - October

William Gill

Appointed to the Perpetual Curacy of pollington-cum-Balne on 2 April1854

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1864 - 1875

Thomas Ackland

Appointed to the incumbency on 18 October 1864.

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1875 - 1883

William Greenslade

Rev. Greenslade died at the vicarage in 1883 after 9 years in office.

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1883 -1903

Henry Harrison

Rev. Harrison was the first of the Pollington clergy to actually live in Pollington instead of Balne. He was appointed in 1883 and stayed until 1903.

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1903 - 1909

G. E. Washer

Rev. Washer was appointed in 1903 following the departure of Rev. Harrison, and stayed until his collation at St. Denys with St. George in York in 1909.

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1911 - 1914

W. Askwith

It is unclear whether Rev. Askwith was appointed immediately after the departure of Rev. Washer in 1909 or whether there was an interregnum for two years. There is record of Rev. Askwith being in post in 1911, however. He then stayed until 1914 when he swapped roles with Rev. C. Baker.

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1914 - ?

Rev. C. Baker

It is not recorded how long Rev. Baker held the post.

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1914 - 1945


This period does not have accurate records. Additional information would be appreciated.

1945 - 1961

A. M. Langtry

Rev. Langtry gave almost twenty years service toPollington before moving to become vicar of Rossington in 1961.

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1962 - 1970

J. P. Woodger

Rev. Woodger was Curate of Goole before moving just down the road to become Vicar of Pollington-with-Balne in 1962.

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1970 - ?

L. H. Keenan

Rev. Keenan, formerly Curate of Anston and Woodsett, became Vicar of Pollington-with-Balne in 1970, but it is unclear when he departed.

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? - 1982

C. D. George

Rev. George resigned from his post as Vicar of Pollington in 1982, but it is not clear when he was appointed.

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1984 - 1988

Rev D M Gilkes

Rev Gilkes time at Pollington overlapped with the arrival of Cyril Roberts, and the creation of the Great Snaith Benefice.


1986 - 2012 Cyril Roberts

Rev. Roberts was the first Rector of the Benefice of Great Snaith. He served for 26 years until his retirement in 2012. He was also Area Dean for many years.

2013 - Eleanor Robertshaw

Eleanor became Rector on 28 October 2013. It is the tradition that an incoming Rector rings the bells, and the number of rings signifies the number of years that the Rector intends to stay in the Parish. There is some dispute between the Incumbent, the Bishop and the congregation about how many times the bell was rung, but ten seems to be the agreed final figure!