Weddings in the Parish of Great Snaith

Welcome from the Rector

Congratulations on your engagement! We are very pleased that you are considering getting married in Church and within the churches of the Great Snaith Team.

Getting married can be a time of stress, but we are very keen to help you in whatever way we can as you prepare for your wedding day.

Can I Get Married in Great Snaith?

The law states that if you live in the parish of Great Snaith you can marry in any of our four churches. You can also marry within the parish if one of you has a qualifying connection
 e.g. if your mother was Baptised here. You can also qualify to marry by being on the Church Electoral Roll which involves attending church for at least six months. If you are still unsure, please talk to Eleanor.

Christian Marriage

A wedding in church is a wedding in front of family and friends but also in the presence of God. The marriage service includes everything that you would find in a civil ceremony, the legally worded vows and the registration of the marriage, but there is the opportunity for other things as well.

A Church wedding often includes hymns, there is a Bible reading, but there is also an opportunity to include a non-religious reading. There is also a time of prayer and the marriage is blessed in God’s sight.

Marriage After a Divorce

The Great Snaith Team is open in its policy on remarriage. If you have been married before but would like to be remarried in one of the churches in the Parish, please talk to Eleanor. Please do not see this as a problem.

Choosing the Location

There are four churches within the Great Snaith Team in which weddings may take place:

St Laurence Priory - Snaith

This is the mother church and is over 900 years old. It is also the largest of all the churches, seating well over 500 people. Snaith Priory has the advantage of a very long aisle if the brides would like a long entrance!

Holy Trinity - East Cowick

This church was built in 1854 and has a very traditional style. It is an intimate church which will comfortably seat over 200 people. It also has a very well kept churchyard which makes for pretty photos.

St John the Baptist - Pollington

This church was also build in the Victorian era. It is set quite a long way back off the road and has a lovely pathway up to the church building. Inside the church, there is plenty of space for both guests and flowers!

St Paul’s - Hensall

Also built in 1854, St Paul’s has a traditional feel to it and comfortably seats over 200 people. A lot of work has recently been put into the churchyard and there are planters available for your use.

Booking Your Wedding

In the first instance you will need to contact the Rector, Eleanor, to discuss your requirements and to reserve an initial date. It is worth knowing that reception venues often book up years in advance, so it is sometimes better to book that venue first, but please talk to us to ensure a date is available before you book the reception.

Weddings can take place on any day of the week, during the hours of daylight. However, traditionally most take place on Saturday. Most Saturdays throughout the year are available, but there will be some Saturdays which already have church events booked on them.

Once you have spoken to Eleanor, she will advise you on the legal procedure before you marry, usually Banns of Marriage, which are called during the church service. If one of you is a foreign national, then the procedure is a little more complex. However, letting Eleanor know at your earliest convenience means the procedure should move swiftly.


The fee for a wedding based on  June 2014 in the Parish of Great Snaith is £548. This includes:

  • all the legal fees
  • a verger
  • an organist.

The fee increases slightly each year, but the most up-to-date fee structure can always be found by clicking here.


If you choose to marry at Snaith Priory, you can request to have the peal of eight bells rung. This is an additional cost of £125 as the ringers work separately from the church.


As well as music on the organ, you are welcome to request any choices of music on CD. Please talk to Eleanor.