Rev. Peter Warren



I moved into Pollington in May 2008 with my wife Sue in order to be closer to some of our family. Our eldest daughter, Hannah, lives in Balne with her husband, Grant, and their three children, Amy, Ben and Oliver who are all ex pupils of Pollington and Balne School. Our youngest daughter, Pippa, lives in Newark with her husband, Matthew and their two children, Olivia and Silas. Our son, Simeon, lives in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife, Laurie and their two children, Isabelle and Cecilia.

Sue and I have known each other almost all of our lives and we got married in 1966. As a retired clergyman I help in the parish of Great Snaith taking services as needed, both Sunday services and the occasional wedding and funeral. However I did not start off as a vicar, for when I left school in 1959 I was articled to a chartered accountant in Oldham where I was born in 1940. After five years working on the job and doing a correspondence course at night I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1964. I then went to work as company secretary and finance director at the family business of builders’ and plumbers’ merchants. Whilst there I was admitted as an Associate of the Institute of Builder’s Merchants.

I worked there until 1977 when I left to study at Oak Hill Theological College with a view to ordination as an Anglican Priest. I was ordained in 1979 in Lichfield Cathedral and served as curate in Newcastle-under-Lyme until 1982 when we moved to East Hull where I was appointed as a team vicar to the parish of Sutton and Wawne. This was a real culture shock as there were over 100,000 residents in the parish. It meant the team was kept busy with up 25 funerals every week, up to 9 weddings every Saturday and as many as 6 baptisms every Sunday. On more than one occasion I have taken 5 funerals before lunch. Whilst there I began to do a part time masters degree in industrial theology at Hull University.

In 1987 I was appointed vicar of Ledsham with Fairburn and so we moved again to the parish just outside Castleford. This was a great change from Hull as it was very rural with a large estate owning a number of farms, a village pub, a series of alms houses and an aided village school which had been founded 300 years before by the ancestor of the estate’s present owner. This ancestor, the Lady Elizabeth Hastings, had established a large charitable trust about a year before she died. As vicar of the parish I was expected to become one of the trustees and very shortly the chairman. I found myself, with others and a professional agent, administering a multi-million pound charity owning farmland and buildings, industrial premises, public houses and various stock exchange investments. On average we gave away grants of over £200,000 every year. Whilst in Ledsham I completed my degree and majored on the farming industry as my final thesis. I was award an MA in 1990.

In 1995, I was appointed as rector of the United Parish of Ainderby Steeple with Yafforth and Kirby Wiske with Maunby together with a part time hospital chaplaincy at the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton. I took early retirement in 2003 and moved to Strensall where we lived until 2008 when we moved to be nearer to family. At the moment I am an ex officio governor of Pollington School having taken on this role as the Revd. Canon Cyril Roberts was preparing to retire. This position is one I value greatly and I hope my experience of being involved in the governing bodies of four Church Schools at various times in my career can help the whole body govern effectively. I believe that we should be ensuring that in a safe, friendly professional environment each child attains his or her full potential and so prepare them for all that life has to offer when they move on from here. One educationalist wrote, “To educate a child is to invest in the future of the nation.” I believe that is what we are doing here in Pollington.