Rev Peter Hibbs


Peter Hibbs comes from the village of High Wych near Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire. As a young boy he was sent to the Congregationalist Sunday school in nearby Sawbridgeworth, but gave it up when he was seven or eight. A few years later, however, he asked a lady he knew to be a churchgoer if he could go to the local parish church with her, and he has been a practising Anglican ever since. They used vestments at the church and he became a server, helping the parish priest to set up, celebrate and clean away after Holy Communion.

After training as a chef-cum-hotel manager, Peter decided that the hours he would need to keep if he went into that line of business would not be good for his romantic life, so he went into the packaging industry instead. Through Scouting he met and married Laura, who has worked for the Health Service as a nurse and in other roles since leaving school. They have three children - Richard, Phillippa and William - and moved to Snaith in 1990.

It was in Snaith that Rev Canon Cyril Roberts spotted his potential, and so Peter trained locally as a Reader, preaching his first sermon at Heck. Peter’s children all went to Cowick School, where he has been a governor for many years and served a five year spell as Chair of Governors.

Peter went to a national selection conference and passed with flying colours. He trained part-time at Mirfield under its learned and immensely good-natured principal, Chris Burdon, was ordained a deacon in 2008 by Bishop Cyril and a priest a year later by Bishop Steven. By then he had left industry and set up on his own property maintenance.

Peter has two hobbies: water-skiing and, with Laura, keen attendance at auctions. He values and enjoys the pastoral side of ministry in which he includes the taking of services.

Interview conducted by Duncan McGuffie in the February 2013 issue of The Link