for Thought

26 February 2014

I wasn't very well a few weeks ago, and my mummy and daddy had to take me to the vets in Goole in the middle of the night so he could make me better. He injected me with some medicine which hurt a bit, but I was much better after two days. I am really glad that mummy and daddy took me there, and the nice man knew what to do to make me better (although I didn't like that needle!)

When I was better, I started to think how lucky I am to have people who love me, and look after me. Over the road from us there is a place called Snaith Hall and there are people who live in there who need other people to look after them. Sometimes one of the older ladies comes to visit us here and I like that very much because they tell lots of lovely stories. There isn't very much wrong with them, they just can't look after themselves as well as they used to. It's funny, really, because I am just a puppy and need help, and these lovely people are older and they need help as well. It's a good job that there are people who are happy to do this type of thing, don't you think?

Sometimes I hear my mummy get upset about something that she calls "injustice". I know that we live in a big place called Snaith but there is an even bigger place called England as well. I thought that everyone has plenty, but mummy gets very upset because it seems that there are some people who are very poor, and the people in charge don't seem to care enough about them. I know that I can get on by myself, so why should anyone think that these poor people don't need help too? When I get older, I think that I am going to make sure that people listen - it shouldn't be too hard, should it?


January 2014

Well, there is so much to tell that I don't know where to start. I was born on a farm near Bawtry on 9 September 2013. I have three brothers and one sister, but I haven't seen them since 12 November when mummy and daddy came to pick me up and take me to my new house. I was a little bit sad at first, but I soon settled into my new life.

Since then, there has been so much happening! Lots of people have come to see me, and I have really enjoyed undoing all their shoelaces - I hope that they didn't trip up, but it was such fun! After I had been here for about a month, even more people came to see me, and everyone started talking about Christmas. I was really interested in this because apparently Christmas is all about a baby called Jesus, and I am only a baby really (they call me a puppy, but that just means baby in doggie speak), so I was especially keen to find out what was going on. From my own experience, everyone likes to come and see me and say how cute I am, so it made sense that people would want to do the same for the baby Jesus. Everyone seemed happy (although there was also a lot of rushing about), and people were getting ready for the celebration of the birth of Jesus on 25 December. I was very excited to learn that on this day everyone gives gifts to each other (I got loads of of really nice things), but it led me to believe that Jesus must be very special if people were so happy at His birth they could think of others before themselves.

A very nice lady in the parish does a lot of fund raising, especially at Christmas, and this year she decided to help the church by donating some of the money towards some statues that show how Jesus was born in Bethlehem (I wonder if that is near Bawtry?). I was so excited to see the baby Jesus in his cot when mummy and daddy brought them home, and was so glad that He was not bigger than me. My mummy told me that after the statues were placed in the church, everyone processed round the whole church holding candles and it was very lovely. Apparently, it was a bit too dark to see the statues clearly, but some clever people at the church have worked out a way to make it better next year. By then I will be a big dog, and I will make sure that I am there to see it because it all sounds so exciting! I hope to see you there!