Funerals in the Parish of Great Snaith

Welcome from the Rector

The death of a loved one is always a very difficult time, but our team here in the Parish of Great Snaith will do all that we can to ensure the funeral is a fitting and appropriate tribute.

During this time of bereavement, the Church is a place where you can turn for solace and comfort.

We pray for you at this time of difficulty.

First Steps

In general, the first contact with the Church will be via the funeral director that you have chosen. They may well have recommended this church to you based on your wishes.

We work closely with the funeral directors to make sure that all your wishes are met.

Types of Funeral Service

The Great Snaith team offers a Christian funeral according to the Rites of the Church of England, which also reflects the personality of your loved one.

We can provide the following types of service to best suit your needs. Either:

a Funeral service in Church

  • followed by a burial in one of our churchyards;
  • followed by a burial in a municipal cemetery;
  • followed by a committal at a local crematorium;


A full funeral service conducted at the crematorium.

Home Visit

On receiving details of a Funeral from the Funeral Director, the officiating minister (one of our team of Clergy) will contact you to arrange a visit to your home.

During this visit there will be an opportunity to prepare the service but also, most importantly, talk about your loved one and begin to prepare a tribute to be given in the service.

Advice can also be given on the format of an order of service, if you are to have one. After the visit, please feel free to contact the officiating minister with any questions.

The Service

This is generally conducted to the Church of England rite of Common Worship (2000). The service consists of:

  • A Welcome
  • Opening prayer
  • A Bible reading
  • A tribute
  • Prayers
  • Commendation
The service then moves to the graveside or crematorium for the committal.


After the Service

The Church is always there for people who are bereaved. If you feel that you need to talk to someone, please do contact the Rector and she will be happy to come and visit you.

Within the Parish of Great Snaith there will also be an annual Memorial Service where you can come along and remember your loved one.

Burial in the Churchyard

Cowick, Hensall and Pollington all have graveyards still open for burial. Snaith churchyard is full but there is still space for cremated remains to be interred.

After about six months the ground will have settled enough for a gravestone or cremation plaque to be erected. There are certain rules surrounding this and permission needs to be granted from the Vicar and in some cases from the Diocese. The Funeral Director or Stonemason will advise on suitable memorials. It is important to note that there are similar rules in municipal cemeteries.



Please talk to us about what music you would like during the service. We can provide traditional organ music, worship hymns, and also play appropriate CDs of your choice.

The following fees are based on 2014. They will increase slightly each year, and reference should be made to the here for the latest figures.

Service in Church   £309
Burial in the Churchyard   £269
Burial in a Municipal Cemetery   £27
Committal at the Crematorium   £27
Burial of Cremated Remains   £142
Graveside Funeral   £195
Full Service at the Crematorium   £184


Small Wooden Cross   £38
Cremation Plot Slab   £64
Monument    £121



Please talk to us about what music you would like during the service. We can provide traditional organ music but we are also very open to play CD music that you feel would be appropriate.