Eleanor Robertshaw


I was born in Sheffield in 1977 but grew up in Maltby, near Rotherham. As a youngster I joined the church choir and that was how I first became involved in the church. Being a young Christian at school was quite difficult as people teased me a lot but I suppose it was character forming!

I took my GCSEs and A Levels at Maltby Comprehensive School, and then I went off to Bangor University to read Religious Studies. I loved the university and worshiped in the Anglican Chaplaincy there.

Left: 2 years old and already hungry!

Although I had felt called to ordained ministry since 14 years of age, I was advised that I must get a career and come back to explore ministry when I had some life experience. So, I trained as a Secondary School teacher at Leeds University. I then took a year to complete a Master of Theology degree back at Bangor before I went into teaching.

Right: baptised by the Rev Peter Ingram

Form 11T at Brinsworth Comp just before they left school in July 2010 with me


I taught Religious Education and Personal, Social and Health Education at Brinsworth Comprehensive School in Rotherham, and was  eventually promoted to a position in charge of Key Stage Four Religious Education. I had only intended to teach for a few years but ended up staying for ten! I loved being a form tutor and the pastoral care of the students. I looked after two forms in my time at Brinsworth, and took them through from the ages of 11 to 16. This was so rewarding and I am glad to say I am still in touch with quite a few of the students.

During this time I was still a regular member at St Bart’s church in Maltby where, as well as the choir,  I was on the PCC and took part in several aspects of worship leading. In 2007, I went to see the Director of Ordinands and, after lots of interviews, it was decided that I could attend a national selection panel. I was recommended for training and, in September 2008, I began part-time training on the Yorkshire Ministry Course while I continued to teach.

Right: on retreat the night before ordination as Deacons



July 2010 came around very quickly and I was ordained Deacon at Sheffield Cathedral on the 4th July. My Ordination meant leaving Brinsworth and Maltby Church. Both partings were very difficult, but the excitement of being ordained dulled the pain a little.

Left: ordained as Deacon on 4 July 2010

I served my Curacy at St Mary’s Church in Stainforth, where I was ordained Priest in July 2011. Many people commiserated with me about me being sent to Stainforth because of its reputation as a ‘rough’ area. However, I loved it. I had so many different experiences as a Curate - some were very difficult, yet I felt prepared me for becoming a Vicar. The three years I served in Stainforth flew, but in that time I helped to set up a Church Café, a Toddler group and organised a Wedding Fayre. I also walked with many people through both happy and sad times in their lives.
Right: with Rev Dhoe Craig-Wild when I was ordained as Priest



During my time in Stainforth I also went on placement in Fishlake, Sykehouse and Kirk Bramwith with Eve Atherfold.  This was my first introduction to rural ministry, and is part of the reason that I decided to apply for the role in Great Snaith. Eve and I became firm friends, and she is still my mentor in ministry. During my time as Curate I also covered all over the Snaith and Hatfield Deanery and further afield. The most memorable moment was probably when I was stung by a wasp in the middle of a funeral in Adwick le Street!

Left: my first Preside, the week after I was ordained


Whilst in Stainforth I met Paul, and we married in May 2014. Just after we arrived in Snaith we bought our Westie, Millie. At the time I did not even like dogs! However, Millie has been a revelation and I now love dogs.
Being Rector of Great Snaith leaves little time for hobbies! However, I love reading and trashy TV. I also enjoy simple crafts, travel and catching up with friends.  So that’s me!

Right: Paul and me on our wedding day on 24 May 2013


Installed as Rector of Great Snaith on
28 October 2013 by the
Archdeacon, the Venerable Steve Wilcockson